Friday, November 13

Just Junkin' Around

Hi!  I have to tell you... even though I was racing towards Dallas this past Saturday morning, the junkDIVA in me won a few "stop here now!" arguments.  Yeah, they were one-sided arguments, but that's neither here-nor-there. I found time to screech around some corners and bust some U-ies!!!  The FIRST thing I did was stop by Troy and Rod's to see what goodies they had for me!  They were SO busy I didn't want to disturb them by chatting them up (you two aren't getting that lucky next time!), but I had a BLAST loitering in their warehouse for about an hour - and hope to do so again SOON!!!

I walked away with a handful of small things - but I'll admit... there were TONS of things I thought I needed! I grabbed a handful of belt buckles, some sparkly things, a couple of old cameras, a stack of matte board signs (which is hilarious - I spend all day around signs and STILL can't get enough of them!) as well as a various assortment of other play things!!! Fun - FUN!


A cameo brooch.  I ADORE cameos!  I think those two set it out there KNOWING I was on my way! (Thank You guys!!!)  I can be spotted wearing a cameo any and all days of the week... either around my neck, in my ears, dangling off of my wrist or on my handbag.  I can't get enough of them!  They are just SEW beautiful - the older, the better! I like to think about the original "wearer"... who did she get it from? Did she wear it only for special occasions or every day?  Is the relief her or the image of a loved one? Can you imagine me on a daily basis? I'd drive you nuts with my questions...
I can have on my grungiest jeans (with holes strategically placed) topped with my paint spattered tank top and STILL be sportin' a cameo. You MIGHT be a red.neck...or is that what puts the "She-k" in red.neck? Hmmmm....

I then wandered through the antique mall I have my refrigerator parked in to say "Hi" and see what I needed to shift around in my red.neck part of the world! Yep, that is one heck of a tulle and sparkley tablecloth wrapped 'round that dress form.  Doesn't every girl where her table linens out on the town? With a cameo? HA!

Do you see the microwave door on the top rack of the refrigerator door?  That's my "plan A" on my stop shop-lifting campaign. ;-)  I had set my "Thanksgiving Table" the week before and thrown in some extra fall/winter items!  Here is what my table LOOKED like;

It doesn't look quiet this full now - which I am thankful for! I like it when others find something in my neck o' the woods that they enjoy enough to take home!  Do you remember the chalk board books?  Well, those - along with the "menu board" - didn't make it a week!  Oh dang... now I'm going to have to bust out the chalkboard paint again... HA! (LUUUUUUUUUUUUVE that stuff!) I'm also minus a few pieces of amber glassware and some silver plated trivets and trays - luckily for me I found some of those this past week-end too!

You see golf balls... I see "red.neck snowballs". Yeah, that gets a *snort* out of me too, but I'm seriously serious!  You gots to do what you gots to do 'round these parts.  I found the golf balls and the antlers while digging around in yet ANOTHER junk pile and came out with the antlers in hand like I had found a barrel full of duct tape!  These are going baby pink instead of the "in-your-face" hot pink I enjoy so much... necklace holder anyone? The silver trays not only make GREAT chargers for a mixed up/matched up table setting, but they make fantastic chalkboards and clocks... as well as being gorgeous just hung in a grouping!  I also like to see stacks of 'em - so simple and pretty!

Annnnnnddddddddddd............ since I was in the general vicinity, I screeched to a halt in Poetry, Texas to see Mindy's goodies!  EEEUUUUUUWWWWWWWWW La La! That girl's got some SERIOUS eye candy!  Next time I'm emptying out the great junk machine before arriving at Primitiques 'n Poetry so I can load it back up!  There were roughly a few dozen items I could find a good and loving home for!  Have you been there?  If not, add it to your "must do IMMEDIATELY" list - before I get there and take off with everything... including the four-legged welcoming committee!

After that I headed off towards the art gallery to see what trouble I could get in to (and drop off some new bags - they are selling fairly well up there!). Brandon and Steven were having a YART sale (it was a gorgeous day!) and having a blast with it; so I left them to sneak off towards my favorite thrift store up there in the big "D". Look what I found!!!

I have NO CLUE what it is, but I DO know that it's on its way to becoming the PERFECT display for some of my vintage ornaments and other Christmas fun! Do you know what it is? If so, will you let me know? There's no way this is something as mundane as a planter... is there? (If it is something as simple as that, could you please make up some crazy wild name for it and a story about what it was originally?  I promise...I'll fall for it!!!)

Add a couple of way cool lamp shade frames and a few vintage trims and I think that sums it all up!  ALL of that before 2pm...yep, I drank lotssssssss of coffee (minus the phone...).  This week-end I'm on the hunt for some footstools!  If I pull up a chair do you think they will come?!!?

What are YOU screechin' 'round corners and bustin' U-ies for this week-end?  If I see it, I'll U-turn for you...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... hee-hee
;-) Robelyn
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