Monday, September 20

Vote and Win!

 a Liz Claiborne skirt never looked sew cute!

Happppppy Monday!!!  Did you have a good week-end? I hope so!!!  I stayed locked up in my "la.bor.a.tor.y" most of the time - escaping only to go move rusty stuff around (and steal some cool schtuff for your shopping pleasure) from the Taj Mahal... all in my panic preparations for Warrenton! (Have you checked the weather there?  AUGH! Good thing I have cute rain boots... wait 'til you see 'em!  LOL)

Sew... "the Mindy" and I have an ongoing "do it / no-way" thing going on as far as matching hat and pocketbook...

she says, "make a matching set"...

I say, "no-way!"... but I did it anyway. heeheeHA! Sew - you tell us... would you wear a hat that matches your pocketbook?

Seriously - tell us - and you can win both this hat and "Lu.cille"!  Cast your vote here in the comment section!!!  You can even pirate a picture or two and ask your friends what THEY think! Share the fun!

Deadline is 12pm on Saturday the 25th - on Sunday the 26th I will have MALisa of Moonlight Hollow draw a name out of the hat 'cause did you know - she's setting up at Zapp - right next to where "the Mindy" and I are?  (I'm so excited... I get to spend 9 days driving MALisa insane!) and THEN!  On Monday the 27th run on over to see "the Mindy" for the winner!!!  If you don't have a blog be sure and email me so we can let you know if YOU were the winner!!!  Fun FUN!!!

Now - here's your chance to be a fashion guru - together or separate?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm thinking... I should be back in my lab right about now...) hee-hee

P.S. I'm also wonderin'... am I the only one that has spare body parts laying around for photo shoots? hmmmm....
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