Friday, October 22

The Lady is a TRAMP!

Did you know there is a "Saddle Tramp" line of fashion wear stuck to my duct tape roll? It's all re-cycled, up-cycled... red.necked up in some form or fashion (ha - that was punny)...

and it's getting bigger...

Saddle Tramp is not only available at the "Taj Mahal"... but I'm goin' to put my tramp stamp on "The Primitique" in a week for "The P's" grand openingOh yeah... think "The Mindy" is ready for my insanity? heeeeeeeHA! You should definitely plan on comin' to see what I'm messin' up with!

pffffft... and you thought I was just about pocketbooks. Ask me sometime about "SPLAT" fine dinin' or "steak-knife" jeans or "un.plugged" or "Thunderbird linens" or "u-turn"... *giggle*

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (what are YOU up to this week-end?  I'm gonna go be a tramp... a Saddle Tramp anyways...) hee-hee

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