Friday, April 15


Sew... I've hesitated to put pictures of my tent here on my blog 'cause... well... it looked wild and CrAzY and fun - and did I mention CRAzY?!

There's a story regarding this couch and chair and bar... and a certain Trash Talker...
 I have since figured out the reason(s) for the insanity that happened in the back 40o (sq/ft... complete with a duct tape lookin' floor).

I don't have a definite style - just MY style.  There is NO WAY to pigeon hole me or categorize me... I'm as insane as you know think I am.

There was not one piece of ANYthing that had ANYTHING in common with another piece (I make/buy only things that I adore... which translates in to "anything goes here") - hence... no groupings of similar shapes/colors/etc.  BUT!  I did have the presence of mind to have different departments... fashion. home. life.

There weren't any ideas to give on how to use whatever via beautiful and inspirational vignettes 'cause I had already done the "whatever" with the whatever I had for sale.

I'm an insane lunatic/wild child/nutbar who likes color and ain't skeert of throwing all the colors in one tent.  Like a giant crayon box.

There was no unity in my tent. None/NADA/Zilch... but HECK YEAH it was a lot of CrAzy fun to spend some time in - and to look at it... you KNEW it was me and that you had arrived. I even heard, "I've never seen anything like you before" about... 20 times.  I would have had a complex had I not known only the truth was being spoken.

To quote the Sweet MALisa - I am unique.  And I'm gonna revel in it...

And I thank YOU for revelin' in it with me!!!  Zapp Hall was a FANTASTIC show for me - there were a lot of REALLY cool lamps (think...blow torch and k-mart blue light special.  Seriously - someone now has a metal k-mart box with a blue light bulb glowing...), fun "road side treasure" furniture (complete with a road sign top), and all kinds of other crazy fun things that I failed to get a picture of before it flew out of the insane asylum crayola box! Most of everything else I've shown you has moved on to new and loving homes - complete with duct tape!

where it's official: my personal style crisis is over 'cause I have style - it's just a little schizophrenic - and uniquely MY style - you NEVER know what is going to come out of my head next - and that works for me. hee-hee
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