Wednesday, April 6

Where all the cool kids are...

I love pullin' in to the cow pasture. Or, to quote the Debbinator (my newest adopted Mama) "the greatest show on dirt".

I feel kinda like Norm from "Cheers".  Remember when he used to walk in to Cheers and everyone would shout, "NORM!"?

(I stole this picture from David!!! ssssssshhhhhhh.....)

Like that.  Only... my name is Robelyn and I don't really look like Norm...

(I stole this picture from Meg!!. sssssshhhhhhh.....)

And it's Zapp Hall, not Cheers...

Where was I?  Oh - pulling in to the cow pasture.

Zapp is a hard show.  Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg. Many days away from the "Resident Teen" and the sewing machine.

(I stole this picture from Amy!!! ssshhhhhh.....)

But I wouldn't trade ANY MOMENT of it 'cause I got to hang with all the cool kids...

I enlisted their aid, I harassed them all at various times and in various ways... laughed at with them all... spread the duct tape and felt the love.

It's kinda like a family reunion every 6 months.  The love and friendships that are nurtured, the new friendships that are established - the sense of family.

Cheers to all of you!!!  Let's do it again in the fall, m'kay?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where yes, I have WAY more photos of good junk - and a few stories... but first I should admit to you - I've already made a pocket book since being back. And no, it's not out of very tall woman's body parts.  geesh...) hee-hee
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