Thursday, April 28

Gonna have Babies!

I have this rose bush tree thing... it rules the front yard it's so spread out and HUGE and absolutely crazy looking.

I have this cat that's overly large/spread out and absolutely crazy looking. Oh wait... that's the rose tree thing. Last night the obese panther was on his evening hunting trip (he must have lost his cat food bowl). BigFatFattyCat was getting yelled at and dive-bombed by some birds (poor kitty)...

now I know why!

If I can keep BigFatFatty from letting himself out of the house - and snakes from eating dinner in my rose bush/tree/thing then I should have little birdie babies!!! Cool, huh?  How's Spring in your 'hood?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm on obese cat and slimy snake patrol... just call me the Bird Whisperer.
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