Monday, May 7

Annie Selke ROCKS - part 1

I'm off wreaking havoc today - but I CAN NOT let you miss this!!! TWO WEEKS of Annie Selke awesome as she re-launches her design blog... can you feel me jumping up and down - bright red - with excitement?!!!

Here's what she says:

We’ve been having a blast bringing you a weekly dose of Annie’s shopping and product tips, entertaining ideas, how-to’s, decorating advice, and inspiration. So we’re pleased as a spiked summer punch to announce that there’s plenty more where that came from—plus all-new features!—when our newly redesigned blog launches next Monday, May 7. Stay tuned to Fresh American for all the topics you’ve come to love and even more design-insider tidbits, including a weekly column on the renovation of Annie’s new house!
But wait! There’s more . . .
To celebrate the relaunch, we’ve got—count ’em—two weeks’ worth of giveaways planned. You can snag everything from brand-new tote bags and table linens to an entire Pine Cone Hill bed set and amazing Dash & Albert rugs, and gift certificates to both online shops. Come back every day to view the prize and enter for your chance to win!

I'll be back to go on and on (and stalk) Annie Selke in a totally red.neck way... but while I'm wreaking havoc country-wide, will you go stalk her and tell her I sent you? You won't be sorry... I promise!!!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I should tell you... this is not a paid advertisement. Annie Selke is just my rock-star (I walked in to a store this past week-end and had my hands all OVER her Dash & Albert rugs!!!) and I can't keep her to myself!!! ;-D

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