Tuesday, May 1

lines of piles

NEW in Hillsboro Antique Mall

I crack myself up every time I pull the memory card from my camera and start editing photos...

NEW in Hillsboro Antique Mall

It seems that every photo I pull is of stuff that is verrrrrrry linear. Or things piled. I like lines. I like piles.

in Hillsboro Antique Mall

I am instantly smitten with furniture that is simple, low and linear...

I sold out of these at Zapp and I MISS them!

and - just a warning - if you show me a pile, prepare to lose me for a while.

in Hillsboro Antique Mall

I am the nut-case that will check out the picture frame before my brain even begins to process the art inside... and THEN I will notice the brush strokes or crop lines before I have to look AGAIN to see what I'm looking at as a whole. I would drive you nutz at an art exhibit.

little tiny concrete letters (in my Etsy shop)

My "vignettes" consist of nothing more than piling like things and/or lining 'em up side-by-side or up-and-down...

in Hillsboro Antique Mall

What are you drawn to? Lines, piles or vignettes? OR! Vignettes of lines and piles?

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I've got a full line-up of Saddle Tramp shirts gettin' tramp stamped in the "lab.or.a.tory" today... are you busy? You should come visit... hee-hee
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