Thursday, May 24

make it!

Mama Debinator and I were talking a few weeks ago - running ideas back and forth between each other like 2 squirrels on a phone line... ideas concerning bed-skirts...

She screeched to a halt at one point and said: "table runner!" Sew... I made an eyelet table runner! Out of a bed skirt!

It's easy: rip the skirt portion off of the body...
(something about that sentence doesn't really sound right...)

press it flat. Then place the eyelet - face to face - and stitch it up! I used just one side of the bed-skirt because I always keep my dining table at it's smallest... but for a longer runner just use both sides of the bed-skirt.

Press the middle seam flat, then flip the whole thing over and stitch some small eyelet trim right down the middle.

Hem the ends and... Voila'!

You have one bed-skirt table runner. Isn't Mama Debinator brilliant? Bed skirts are all kinds of fun - I use them for... well... all kinds of things OTHER than making my bed.

Oh... hey! If you serve breakfast and you're using this table runner under your fine china - would it be "breakfast in bed"?!

This is a simple - fresh - SUMMERY table runner - kind of like Annie's/Pine Cone Hill's eyelet duvet cover, pillow shams and napkins that you still have a chance to win! Go HERE on my blog to sign up - and hurry 'cause all of the eyelet fun ends tomorrow at 8am!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where you should hear Mama Debinator and I on the phone... she's a Trash Talker with squirrel moments, THEN she gets ME climbing trees and runnin' around like I'm a squirrel! 37 subjects in less than 4 minutes..
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