Tuesday, May 22

eye'd wear...

this dress:

and eye'd like to say eye'd wear the eyelet dress with these boots (after a spray tan... or a magic marker... i wonder if krylon paint will work?):

but chances are eye'd wear it with THESE boots:

and then eye'd sparkle me with some leathery fun:

and add a happy daisy ('cause that's how i do things):

and eye'd top it alllllllll off with this glamorous piece of plastic and sparkles:

where would eye wear this you ask? *snicker*

To come see you and remind you to sign up for my giveaway HERE because you can't have enough eyelet and you SURE can't have enough Annie Selke/Pine Cone Hill eyelet!!! Deadline is Friday morning!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where eye really think eye need those sunglasses... they could be part of my "super red.neck" disgeyes....

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