Monday, May 21

eye spy a giveaway!

Last week one of YOU went to visit Annie Selke and cheer her on as she re-launched her blog!

While cheering Annie on - she  WON a GORGEOUS Eyelet duvet cover, standard pillow shams and four eyelet napkins from Annie and Pine Cone Hill!


Because you told Annie I sent you - I WON TOO!!!

(operation: "Clean Your Bedroom Robelyn so you can find your bed and then make it" is now under-way.)

This story gets EVEN BETTER though...

YOU can win THE SAME SET from Annie and Pine Cone Hill because Annie is letting me spread her AWESOMEness to you too!

Yep - tell me what you like about eyelet - right here, right now - and you are entered to win! That simple!

I'll get the ruffled eyelet trim rollin':

When I was little, I was a tom-boy with a penchant for eyelet, lace and ruffles.... lots of ruffles. "the Mama" made all of my little red.neck fashions and EVERY DRESS had eyelet, lace and/or ruffles on it. She would even make me short sets with - you guessed it - eyelet, lace and/or ruffles. HA! Because my Grandmother and I shared our birthday, "the Mama" would make us matching shirts each year, so Grammy wore eyelet too. (She was also my age each year... youngest Grandmother I ever knew of!)

On Easter each year "the Mama" would hide our Easter basket and we would have to find it in the morning before going to church. Mine always had something fabulously lacy and ruffly and girly mixed in with the Easter eggs to wear to Easter service. When I was 8 I found my basket behind a big rocker in the corner of the den, and there was an eyelet blouse folded in to it. It was snowy white with little tiny buttons running all down the front... ruffles on the sleeves and around the neck... it was the most beautiful blouse I had ever seen!!! To this day, I remember standing there looking at that blouse and wondering how many days in a row I could wear it - I remember touching it over and over, holding it up under my chin and gazing down at it imagining all of the places I could wear it. I think it was the only thing I EVER hung up in my closet. I think I even let "the Mama" fix my hair that Sunday morning. (if you know me at all you know i have the whole bed-head thing down to a science... and have for many many years...) THAT is how impressive the eyelet blouse was!

So - what I like about eyelet: the stories and feelings and fun that each piece holds!

Annie's question was: "what's your go-to breakfast in bed"... my answer was Pop Tarts. Yeah... I'm a junk food junkie - BUT! Pop Tarts are the breakfast of red.neck champions world wide!!!

I will be all ears for YOUR story - or whatever you would like to say about eyelet - through this Friday (May 25th) at 8am!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I could out-run those stinky boys any day of the week... ruffles and all Even in my shoes that had bows and sparkles on them. hee-hee

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