Tuesday, May 31


I adore you - each and every 402 of you!!!

Sew - in honor of you goofballs that keep up with my mis-adventures I would like to present you with:

THIS pocketbook!  Wanna win?

Leave a comment!  That easy! It's all about you - and you - and you...

I'll even throw in the pieces of the skirt that were left over after makin' you a lil' somethin' special! hee-hee

Let's see - how about midnight Friday night as the deadline?  I know you all have been busy (what DID you do for fun this past week-end?) and want to give you plenty of time - after all: without YOU I wouldn't have a single soul to listen to my wild tales... thank you for duct tapin' yourself to me!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (yeah - they did let me out of the zoo so I could get the single-wide back home and back up on blocks...

but the orangutans sure did put up a fight...)

P.S. If your new here - throw your name in too... we have allllllll kinds of fun over here - don't forget to go meet the fun people that hang out with the red.neck!!! You'll love 'em as much as I do!
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