Thursday, May 5


I know this girl that lives in a single-wide.  She's crazy - you should meet her.

In her dining room she HAD an area rug that she was "SOOOOO over".

After scouring the earth for the perfect cherry red shag rug (we're talking countless hours of searching.... and more searching... and even more searching...) along comes Fred. With his bath mat section. His extremely affordable bath mat section. I like Fred.

There is now a field of red stretching through the dining area of the girl's single-wide.  I talked to her - and as soon as she cleans all of the surrounding area (carefully cropped out of the above photos) so that you don't know think she could be a hoarder - she will take you on a tour of her dining room.

In the meantime - all bath events will still be held in the designated area... this is the dining room for pete's sake!  Geesh...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm thinkin' the Pottery Barn area rug department has nuttin' on us red.necks... *snicker*
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