Wednesday, May 4

what a red.neck wears...

After I rob a bank  win the lottery start playing the lottery in the hopes that I could win...

I would own these boots. Heck. I'd proll'y even sleep in these boots.  Heck... I'd proll'y even keep the duct tape off these boots.

And - since I robbed the bank won the lottery after I started playing it I would wear this skirt with those boots (and a saddle tramp shirt ofcourse!).

This spring I keep catching myself stepping over the flip flops *shock/gasp/whaaaaaat!!!!!!* and stepping in to my cowgirly boots to wear with my skirts.

What. is. happening. to. me.?!!?.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I have to stop looking at those boots or you might be coming to get me out of jail... and though we all know how much I enjoyed jail - I'm not sure if now's the time to head back there. (If I did go and you had to come get me out - I'd share my loot with you - pinky swear.)
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