Sunday, May 8

ruffled in a flash!

* This is a guest post that I had done over at Gail's blog - My repurposed life! Enjoy!!!*

Hi. My name is robelyn - and I'm Gail's blog stalker.

*and the crowd goes wild*

nah - I only stalk Gail with her consent... so imagine how giddy I was when I found out I got to come over here and terrorize (and duct tape) Gail AND all of you!!!  I thank you Gail for the opportunity to sneak out of my single-wide and make my way in to your land of GENIUS!!!

Besides being Gail's blog stalker... I'm also the girl who runs around stealing aluminum flashing.  I have an ongoing love affair with that stuff.  Seriously - think... kitchen valance.  12' shelf running across my living room... chair decoration... and so on.  It's fun!  Today I'm going to show you how to make this:

my version of a valance.  Now - let me say right up front - mine is different than what I'm going to show you how to create because my "ah ha" moment happened at 3am and by 3:30am I was sitting in the middle of my living room - drill in hand - making my window treatments.

Ingredients needed for your masterpiece:

Board measured and cut to the length you need
Duct tape.  Oh - no - you don't really need that...
Work gloves ('cause flashing hurts worse than a paper cut. Trust me on this.)
Screws (I'm using half inch 'cause that's what I had in my magic box of tools.)
Washers ('cause they're pretty.)
Drill OR metal punch
Scissors or - if you're smarter than I - metal shears.
Measuring tape
And some Flashing!!!  The roll I have is 10".

Lay out your flashing and drill a hole right close to the top end.  Bend the flashing around the side corner of your board and screw it in - that gets you started!  Then - do that again right in the top left corner on the front of your board.

Mark your flashing every 10".  Drill (or punch) a hole - repeat as many times as you feel the need to.  It's your valance - make it super ruffley - or kinda ruffley - or be very random like me!  This is where it gets tricky.  Take the aluminum  - bend it slightly back towards the previous screw - and create your ruffle.  When you get it where you want it - secure with a screw!

Oh... guess that wasn't that tricky!  Keep going the length of your board - finish the way you started - and voila - you're ruffled in a flash!  Once complete just install some metal "L" brackets over your window(s) - set your board on top - secure from the top side and you. are. done!  Embellish away...

I punched holes in the bottom (very randomly) and change the danglies out as the mood strikes - I'm spicing up my kitchen wardrobe this spring with some salt & pepper shakers - but the possibilities are ENDless!

Now - go forth and conquer the flashing! And always remember: if it's flat - it needs to be ruffled.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (that I parked in Gail's back yard... thank you Gail for your hospitality!  I dub you an honorary red.neck!!!)...hee-hee
;-D  robelyn
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