Thursday, May 26


I know it's been a while since I've decided to make all of you lovely lovely red.necks (don't try to deny yer red.neck ways...) responsible for the naming of all new pocketbooks that make their way out of the "red.neck mad-lab"... but I want you to meet: Ms. "". Her theory is: Go BIG or go home! I *heart* this tote/laptop bag size! Ms. "" needs a name... remember how it goes?

I give you the name of the pattern:

Pattern Name: ""
Some history of her ingredients ('cause you know each pocketbook is cooked up with fun!):

Cotton Seed sack (the lightest of pinks!), vintage bark cloth ruffle and pocket, re.cycled purse handles and some thrift store sparkles!

then I say GO! 

Don't forget - the name I duct tape to Ms. "" gets a link to YOUR blog (or website - even your Etsy Shop!) in the product description in my Etsy shop!  Are you game?


Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where the laboratory is clean - and I'm lovin' it! Did you know I had a floor in there? I sho 'nuff didn't...) hee-hee
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