Friday, June 18


I'm over at the Where Bloggers Create party tonight - and THIS is what I am wearing!!!

Just a word of caution: it's crammed.  It's PACKED.  It's a color explosion such as you have probably not witnessed in a while (if ever):

Whew!  Did you have to look away? It's ORGANIZED. And above all...

This was my Grandmother's machine... a good old STURDY (no plastic yuck machine here!) Montgomery Ward!  The happy flower sticker is one the "resident teen" stuck on there about 8 years ago!

Theeee "la.bor.a.tor.y" is ALL about function.  Remember that when you walk in...

To the left is my cutting table - the cabinet underneath was one my Grandfather built - it's been passed down and around through all family members - used as the chest-o-drawers it's supposed to be, changing table... now cutting table base!  And yes - those are cinder blocks holding up the table top (you might be a red.neck if...)

Organized Chaos - at its best!  No really, it is at its best... I moved in to the building (objects on screen are larger than they appear) three years ago and hit the area rug at a RUNLoosely translated that means:  there were piles on top of piles on top of piles - no rhyme or reason - more piles on top of piles... but I knew where everything was!  sorta.

Now?  It's ON!  Let the duct tape ROLL!  You can't keep me out of here - I walk in and I just grin - BIG - then I'm skeert to start something new 'cause I might mess it all up - so I stand and grin some more!

 Even the lamp shade the dress form (she needs a name - any suggestions?) is using for legs has a container hidden inside.

I wasn't going to show you the above picture -but then I decided that you should see the good, the bad and the ugly... as well as the floor space (and the REAL ugly would be when it hits 110 outside and I don't have that air conditioner) - 'cause next time you come visit I can't promise you will be able to see the floor!  HA! I used every available inch - millimeter even - of available real estate in here.  I know you can't tell, but it's true! (snicker)

The majority of the furniture in the lab was built by my Grandfather! Shelves, cabinets - more shelves...

Now - you should know - this is only half of the lab so far!!!  I KNOW - crazy, right?

Lockers full - shelves full - roasters full - bobbins wound - jars are filled - some more lockers are filled - fabric folded... now for my inspiration:

heeee HAW!!  Think Kate Spade knows she's hangin' out in the red.neck Lab?  The straw bag on my cutting table is one of hers that I picked up at a garage sale (complete with card of authenticity!) and the black bag hanging on the back cabinet is an ebay find (complete with card of authenticity) and "the Mama" gifted me my FIRST Kate Spade bag... yep - green and white striped gift bag with some Kate pencils in it (which are on the shelves on the back wall!). hee-hee  I even have one of her store bags hanging behind my desk at my "pay the bills" job. My goal?  To have one of my bags hanging out as inspiration... hung with duct tape of course... on a future designer's inspiration board - in her/his very own "la.bor.a.tor.y".

Now - I can actually get right on that since my home-away-from-the-house is spic and span!

Thank You SEW much for coming to visit me and to Karen for inviting me to the party over at My Desert Cottage!!!  You can go too - just hop on over and say "hi" to Karen - she has SO many of the coolest party-goers headin' over there - tons of inspiration (Jill is one of them - I can't WAIT to visit with her!)!!!  Who will inspire you?

I have LOVED having you here - feel free to browse around and make yourself at home! Or - you can help me finish up all the goodies I'm taking with me to "the Mindy's" tomorrow!!!  It's another "you don't want to miss this!" party at "Primitiques" - and I will be there LIVE (and in a vintage dress or 6)... unless I just can't bring myself to leave "theeee la.bor.a.tor.y"...
(yes - I'm doing my manic - crazy - evil - laugh when I type that each time.)

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... bwoooo hahaha!
:-D  robelyn

p.s. - didn't get enough of the insanity in "the la.bor.a.tor.y"? There's more here!
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