Tuesday, April 20

Don't judge.

Don't judge a red.neck girl

by her fine china.

Just because it LOOKS like I lean towards cottage/shabby/chippy/girly/romantic/victorian/feminine gorgeousness

doesn't mean that I do.
Although - I could spend WEEKS upon WEEKS gazing at all of the pure beauty in blogland!  Flower prints and/or patterns in my house?  No - not really (but I looooove to look at it in YOURS!).  The ruffles/lace/more ruffles/chiffon/silk/more ruffles - it's all relegated to the wardrobe. I am all about textures and funky patterns in my home dec fabrics.

I lean more towards modern/industrial/deco/danish/quirky/mid-century/(perhaps a touch of regency...a girl's gotta have her bling)/urban/lofty/fun...

with color.  Not pastels - bright/bold/in-your-face/feisty/solid/rich/passionate/BRIGHT/crayola box exploded on each wall - color. With a whole lotta black thrown in.

My vignettes tend to be very linear -----------

with something really odd thrown off to the left or the right - just to make you go hmmmmmmmmm.

You would never guess that if you judged me by my new china!!!  I am such a SUCKA for ANY of the Homer Laughlin patterns that even HINT at this floral pattern!  These aren't Homer Laughlin but mix and match - that is my motto! I found these over the week-end and RAN for "the Mama" who is a much better price negotiator than I... now I'm trying to figure out where to show them off amongst my place settings for 36 and counting OTHER pretty goodies!

The glass....ah... the shimmer and sparkle of the glass... that's my other pattern that my Grandmother started for me - the Fostoria "Tumbling Blocks". "The Mama" added to my collection with some cereal bowls (candle holders - but they make great cereal bowls.  HEY!  I'm a red.neck!  Don't judge.)!  I'm thinkin' "the Mama" - she's a keeper!

Someday I'll clean my house up enough finish all on-going projects and take you on a tour of the single-wide.  In the mean time?  Don't judge me by my new china...

Comin' to you LIVE (where I could be suffering from bi-polar decorating tendencies) from a single-wide... hee-hee
;-)  robelyn
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