Thursday, April 22

Look! Look! Look!

Can I get a High Five!

A Fist Bump!

Something – ANYTHING!
I baked!!! I baked ice cream cone cupcakes! AND! Not the “buy some pre-made cupcakes” ice cream cone cupcakes... scratch-from-the-ready-to-go-cake-box cupcakes! Using the oven!!!

I’m STILL running around with the triumphant fist in the air!!! Heck – I think I drove to the “real job” with the triumphant fist in the air... after I SLEPT with the triumphant fist in the air!

The Mindy (she gets me – and accepts me for the pyro I am) had given me an antique fire extinguisher – I had it on the ready (Thank You Mindy!)... as well as my phone for any emergency calls that needed to be placed...

But do I call 911 or the captain of the neighborhood association? One of the times I had accidental flamage I used water and a couple of fire extinguishers to put it out... the captain of the neighborhood association (across the gravel road and a field or two) was mad at me for weeks for not calling him...

So I guess I was ready to call him. hahaHA! (I could be their very own comedy club... single handedly. Sporadic flamage – stairs are my nemesis – and though slip dresses are en vogue, I could be a tad tooooo literal in my translation when I’m late for work - I could be their very own comedy club.)

I have it on the greatest authority that these here ice cream cone cupcakes are even EDIBLE because I had to borrow (and traded some ice cream cone cupcakes) the First Lady's (of the Neighborhood Association) cake plate (who knew home baked goodies don't come in a re-sealable bag? huh.) - and both the First Lady and the Captain said they were tasty! On top of that? The resident teen ate TWO!

Thank You First Lady (and here’s to hoping you are not in the hospital for food poisoning due to missing ingredients or anything...)!

In HONOR of this momentous occasion – I even busted out THE Kate Spade demitasse set that "the Mama" gave me! (ooooohs and aaaaahs can be heard ‘round the world.)

There you have it! I’m going back to high-fivin’ perfect strangers and fist bumpin’ poor unsuspectin’ citizens – ‘cause I baked – uh huh... BAKED!- MINUS the “in distress” smoke signals that are my norm! Perhaps I’ve found a new calling...

No – not the 911 operator. Geesh.

Comin’ to you LIVE – where I did NOT know I owned a mixer, but how fun is that thing! – from a single-wide... hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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