Friday, April 30

This week-end.

I have...

a single-wide to clean.

I haven't dusted in... well, let's just pretend the paint company invented a new paint color... with lots of little dust particles (including but not limited to: gravel road grime, lint, freshly mowed grass and fields, smoke damage, fire extinguisher stuff) - and a cat hair (or two or twenty).

I have a 10' shelf that has been half aluminum silver / half linen white for... well...
a. while.
The shelf could be the test dummy for the dust colored, textured new paint invention.

I have summer clothes - I have winter clothes - mid summer and mid winter, spring and fall - they are all sitting... somewhere other than where they are supposed to be hanging.

I have a new (old) dining table that has the beginning of a new look...
I have to dust it now.  Then finish stripping it so that it can gather more dust I can get it to it's designated special spot.

I wonder if they make lint rollers out of duct tape?

My new curtains for my bedroom are GORGEOUS all rolled up on the tube the fabric came on a few months ago - matching thread hanging from the end of the tube.

My living room / dining room / laboratory... and all rooms in between look like a purse snatchin' crime scene.  Purses hanging (ceiling fan blades are excellent hangers). Sitting (isn't that what a couch divan is for?). Piled (please beware of the volcanic purse eruption).... piled some more...

Needless to say - I'm holin' up in the single-wide this week-end. And I had to go looking for some bright and cheery inspiration 'cause did you know that dust is grayAnd - it's supposed to be over-cast and dreary here in the boondocks this week-end... give me some sunflower yellar!!!

What are you going to do - do you have big plans?  I have an extra duster thingy... and I heard you can drive a mean vacuum cleaner...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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