Monday, April 26

Thelma & Louise

Oh my gosh - I'm ready to repeat Saturday again!!! (Aren't we all?  Mondays... Mondays are the pits!  LOL) I was Thelma (The Mindy said so!) and she was Louise... and yep - we burned some rubber and tore it UP on a road trip... that was only supposed to take 56 minutes...

but ended up taking 4 hours!!!  And that was just one way!

Thelma: You said you 'n' me was gonna get out of town and for once just really let our hair down. Well darlin', look out 'cause my hair is comin' down!

Wanna know why it took us 4 hours?

Well... let's just say it involved The Mindy, a GPS (I HAVE to get one of those so I can daze and confuse it like we did hers on Saturday), a 1995 Ford F150 that corners like it's on rails and some garage sales... and more garage sales... a few thrift stores... a few more garage sales... well, you get the picture.

Thelma: Driiive Louise! Drive! Drive the car! Go! Go! Go go go go go go!
Louise: What is it? What happened?
[Thelma holds up money]
Louise: You robbed the store? You robbed the whole store?
Thelma: Well we needed the money.
Louise: Oh shoot!
Thelma: It's not like I killed anybody for Goodness sake!
Louise: Thelma!
Thelma: I'm sorry, we needed the money, now we got it.
Louise: Oh shoot! Oh shoot, Thelma!
Thelma: Louise, get us to Mexico
Louise: Allright, oh shoot! Oh shoot! Oh shoot

Seriously - need I say more?  I think at one point I wanted to jump up and down on my seat saying, "more! more!  let's stop at some more!!!"!

Now.  Did we take pictures along the way?  No.  This is where you are just gonna have to let your imagination run wild (make sure you picture some mud climbin' 'cause there was interesting stuff in the ditch on the side of some road). Ha!  We came back with some GREAT junk!!!  All the lace pictured?

Funny story...
the first garage sale we stopped at there it was in all of it's feminine glory - just waiting for me!  The price was a tad higher (and this is a quote from the garage sale lady) "because the gold and the eyelet are worth quiet a bit".

Uhmmm... okay?
The Mindy pointed out later on down the road that I should have said, "how much WITHOUT the gold and the eyelet?"
Anyone need any gold trim and flat eyelet lace?  'cause I'm DROOLING over all of the fantastic GORGEOUSNESS that is the bridal lace!!!

Have you ever been to downtown McKinney, TX? I was Smitten by Spoon's... and The Party Never Ends (just WAIT 'til you see "The Party"- I'll be back with THAT story!) McKinney really was our goal... and we made it... eventually.

I'm goin' back to paw'n through my lace - but before I go - have you been in to Primitiques lately?  You HAVE to make that a destination... and SOON!!!  The Mindy has it full of the COOLEST of cool stuff... and she added some more from our... uhmmmmm... excursion.  And Debbie didn't even have to come bail us out... but she would have I feel sure of it!!! heeeeee HAW!

Comin' to you LIVE from a very lacy single-wide...heehee
Happy Monday!!!
;-)  robelyn
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