Monday, April 19

Weighing In

Happy Monday!!!

I buried my freckled nose in many flowers (avoided all bee stings) smelling the Spring blossoms - all the way to Whipp Farm - loving every minute of it!!!  I came back from my flower smellin' excursion with THIS bad boy...

What do you say?

Is it heavy? Is it light?

Ounces? Pounds? What does it weigh?
Tell me, scale...

Apples! Oranges! Seedless grapes!
Duct Tape?
Oh... I know!  Cow Bones?  hahaHA!
Kale! Lobster! Flounder! Octopus!
They all go on a scale!
Trucks and meats and diamonds!
They get weighed up, too.
Pastrami! Pickles! Packages!
Why, there are even scales for you!

Hello, scale.
(Big Bird sang that song... how much do you think HE weighs?)

I hung out across from this scale for a couple of days at Whipp Farm (Antique Alley) where I spent some time with "the Daddy" and "the Mama" and Jim and Xan of East Texas Wood (GORGEOUS ceder goodness!)"The Daddy" sold lots of wood workin' equipment and a various assortment of other fun stuff (I even lifted a few things off of him!). There was TONS of good junk (besides the scale... that. is. mine.) and the majority of it could be found in Larry's booth (dang - I just divulged my source!) who sets up there twice a year... and was right across from us - did I mention he had some GOOD old stuff?!?! I weighed in on the scale for a couple of days... it now hangs in my kitchenheeeeee HAW!!!

Did you find some good (no... make that GREAT) junk this past week-end?

Comin' to you LIVE (where I'm wondering... what should I weigh next?) from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-)  robelyn
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