Friday, April 23

Honey's Home+Style

Do you remember when I posted about Waco and all the attractions Waco holds? (Get to her beautiful store now.)

And when I got all soft voiced and misty-eyed

while talking about Honey’s Home+Style?

Oh wait... you couldn’t hear me or see my “this is my idea of home+style bliss” face. Hmmm... sorry you missed that! (Get to her beautiful store now.)

If you had a camera on me now right at this very moment you would see me 150 million times blissed out. Right. At. This. Moment.

Can you see why? (Get to her beautiful store now.)


PLUS so much more... all in ONE SPOT! I know... can you believe it? (You need to see it for yerself – get to her store now.)

I still can’t. 10 years ago “the Mama” took me to her fav.o.rite shopping spot – I’m still a goner.

I haunt, I loiter, I stand around with my jaw on the ground (could be accused of stalking) – I’m even guilty of holstering the duct tape. (When you get to her store in a few minutes – you’ll understand.) Honey’s Home+Style is very aptly named. Honey doesn’t follow trends... oh wait! That’s ‘cause she SETS the trends! Uh huh – you read that right... all the luxurious gorgeousness that you see all around – straight from Honey’s creative imagination! Yep.

NOT only is Honey the resident style setter – she is also an AWESOME business ownerette and someone I’m going to duct tape down when I start up red.neck Chic "tha bowteeeeek". (Don’t tell her that – she’ll run me off right now and I value her business acumen. Ssssshhhhhhh) Here’s a little peek into who she is (you need to get to her store right now): “A vacation in France, highlighted by a shopping spree through the flea markets of Paris, deeply affected Honey’s style. Honey blended this dose of European sensibility with her primitive roots and produced the elegantly relaxed decorating style that is now her hallmark.” (Get to her store now.)

So. Since you are on your way to Honey’s Home+Style due to my subliminal messaging (Get to her store now) I will see you this week-end, right? You’ll know me – I’m the one furtively peeking around the spot light – or trying on the jewelry... or hiding under the bed.

I’ll be see'n you when you get to her store.

Comin’ to you LIVE from a single-wide... I’m gonna knock out some walls... I just gotta have more space...hee-hee
;-) robelyn

All photos are copyrighted and courtesy of Honey's Home+Style
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