Friday, April 2


Okay!  Story Number One of...

well.... too many to count.  ha HA!

As you know - I was there to help The Mindy!  It was SO fun!!!  She has a 20' x 20' tent FULL of the coolest stuff!!!  Something would sell - no matter how big or how small - and we would both get crazy excited 'cause that meant we got to re-set!  I swear... decorating and re-decorating every few minutes was a BLAST! With every move I made and with every little thing my eyes rested on my mind would start racing - I could make this, or this would look cool as that, or, or, or!

These photos aren't even showing what was sitting OUTSIDE of the tent!  Future headboards - wine racks - tables and chairs... oh my!  Luckily for all - I have several more days of posts and pictures for you!  heeheehee

AND!  Let me introduce you to someone that made their debut in Warrenton...

Uh huh!  Not only does The Mindy have a whole LINE of bags inspired by her - but she has an original pattern (as are all red.neck Chic handbag patterns) designed by Moi and "carrying" her name!  Cool, huh?  This one is REALLY cool because it was FIRST a table runner - THEN a jacket... now a handbag!  AND!  The jacket was handmade in Mabank, Texas (that's what the tag said!) and THAT is where one of my favorite bloggers, Lezlee, lives!

All of this is nothin' yet - I promise!!!  Wait 'til you see who I got to hang out NEXT to all day every day and who came to visit from Louisiana - and who was at the blog party - and who is most likely my long lost sister 20 times removed and livin' down south - and who I got to hang out with for the second time and could be my other long lost sister 20 times removed and livin' east of me - and who I got to talk to on the phone - and who is carrying the first ever "primitiques meets red.neck" bag and is as cute as a button - and who's lil' white house I loitered and lingered in...

But for now I will leave you with this tip:
This is David.  He's been bizzzzzzzzzzzzy over on his blog - if you don't want to wait for more pictures from me (I'm heading back in the morning to help some more!) then go visit him!

Soooooo..... do you dye your Easter eggs or do you paint them?  I'm just wonderin'.... sometimes I duct tape mine...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...heehee
;-) Robelyn
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